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When we review this poster we become silent!!!
Some of these artists now belong to the World "Top" Deejays.

SHAKE IT was a collaboration between Amaze Entertainment and Feathers Events!!! A cooperation that will last for years.

Stay Tuned cause Shake will be back soon....
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The Feathers Story all began with the concept 'Drunk'n'Funky'. Now it has become our legendary concept!
D'n'F stands for Great Club Music !

After four years it was time to look for an international guest in our line up.
We reviewed the charts of the past few years and saw one name come back regularly.

"Your Friend", "Selfish Love", "Mundocaso", "Damelo" ... yess we knew Gregor Salto would be our first big name on D'n'F
Why not make it even more exciting by taken Chapelle also ?

Well....., La Rocca witnessed a set that will be remember forever!
We also made a promise to Gregor. So stay Tuned.
From the beginning Feathers had only 2 residents. Yves V & Guy'do.

Back in the days we already knew his time will come!
To have a deejay from Antwerp on the mainstage of Tomorrowland for the 5th time in a row.... is simply amazing!
Now he's ready for the international scene !He has our full support!

Keep an eye on him cause he's rising to the TOP of the world!

He will be in our top 3 Hall of Fame forever!
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Feathers had the Honour to bring him for the first time in Belgium! His Performance was a "never seen before experience".

At the same time he had his Nr 1 Hit-Single "Ik Neem Je Mee".
He Rocked "F*ck Me I'm From Antwerp" Big Time ! He promised the Fans to come back and he did just that! In May he had another hit-Single "Bagagedrager" So it would be a shame if we didn't put him in our "La Crème" Line Up at Waagnatie.

Feathers fans , You'd better stay tuned cause we've made him another promise... :)
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Another twister in the hit Charts! These Guys from holland know how to create monster hits!
Kraantje was our Guest on Attitude , La Crème and the Feathers Stage on' Sunset Festival'!

He is an amazing live Performer and always in the mood to build a crazy party afterwards.

We can't say more than: check out our Aftermovie
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